Career Week

See you next year!

Whether you are already orientating yourself for your future job or have just started studying AI, developing your professional skills is always beneficial for your future career. The career week, organized by CognAC, is completely centered around this development.



See you next year for the 2023 edition of the Career Week with all new activities, sponsors, and information!


The Career Week is a yearly event organised by CognAC, the study association for Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen. It is meant to provide CognAC members with a coherent set of career-related activities. This includes talks, workshops and networking for everyone, no matter how far you are in your AI studies.

Behind all this is a small group of motivated people; the External Committee. Their aim is to narrow the gap between practise and theory, and student and young professionals. To achieve this goal they organise Drinking on the Job and the Career Week together with the Chief of External Affairs.